High Water Tables = Water Damage

water damage clean up

There are several reasons why water enters a home.  One of the most common is the result of a high water table.  Throughout New Jersey there are wetlands and areas of high water tables.  Thanks to this terrible weather we’ve been having those water tables are causing water to back up into homes and commercial buildings.

It may seem strange and crazy to see water coming through the walls of your basement, but there is a reason.  High water tables and porous building materials (concrete) make for easy entry.  How do you keep water out?

  • Make sure downspouts are pointed away from your property.
  • Consider getting extensions added to the downspouts to draw the water away from the property.
  • Grade the land around your home away from your property.
  • Have a sump pump installed.  For larger basements, have two installed.
  • Have a french drain installed.

Once you follow these steps, make sure to check on all of this monthly and before storms to ensure operation.  Then save our number 800-411-3219 in the event that you or someone you know has water enter their home.

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