What to watch for when there is heavy snow

Heavy snow causes a lot of drama.  School is out, the stores run out of the ingredients for french toast, and you are stuck in home until you shovel yourself out.

One misconception is that snow means that we will have a lot of losses.  That is not typically true.  In most cases, snow insulates your home and provides excellent warmth.  Want proof?  Ask an eskimo!  They have been building igloos for hundreds of years.

What you do need to worry about is what happens after it snows.  If you live in an area that is affected by a high water table, then your home is more likely to be flooded with water as a result of the snow melting.  For most people, ground water is not included in a standard NJ insurance policy.

What do you do?

  • Install a sump pump.
  • Then immediately go get a sump pump rider put on your insurance policy.
  • Make sure to remove as much snow from the perimeter and foundation of your home.
  • Put a hard surface floor in your home instead of carpet.  This way the water is easy to clean.

If water does affect your home, contact ServiceMaster Restore Immediately. We know how to dry a home, clean it, and rebuild it to it’s pre-loss condition.

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